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Artificial Intelligence in NPD

1. YouTube Video: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Product Innovation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize all aspects of business, particularly new-product development (NPD). Leading early-adopter firms demonstrate that AI not only finds many applications in NPD, but also offers substantial payoffs, such as 50% reductions in development times. This webinar provides an outline of the diverse and powerful applications of AI in NPD, offering numerous examples from leading companies. Our journey begins at the idea stage and traverses the entire new-product process to the post-launch period.

While AI might still resemble science fiction to many, that future is no longer fiction – it's here now. AI has arrived in full force! With an adoption window of about 15 years, the time is now to embrace AI in NPD in your business. 

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2. Winning the 'Product Innovation Game': The 2030 Mandate for Manufacturers
Innovation propels companies to greatness! To survive and prosper, manufacturers must strive to excel at product innovation this decade. Manufacturers will need to make their NPD processes more robust by integrating their Operations staff earlier in the innovation process. To make their innovation process leaner and faster, manufacturers can use Lean-Six Sigma methods, such as Value Stream Mapping. And firms can also build in “build-and-test iterations”, much like in Agile software development, to validate new products technically and with customers – to get the product right first time. Finally, Artificial Intelligence has a big role to play in product innovation, and will be a game-changer in the years ahead in the conceiving, developing and launching new products. The time is now to start build AI into one’s product innovation process.  

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3. The Artificial Intelligence Revolution in New-Product Development
AI is posed to transform  new-product development. The revolution has already begun.. and is already cutting development times by 50% for leading early-adopter firms. Read how -- the full article with lots of examples from use r firms.

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4. Short Video: The AI Revolution in New Product Development

(17-minute video)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about to revolutionize all aspects of business, particularly new-product development (NPD). Early-adopter firms – like GE, Siemens, P&G, Pfizer, Nestle & Unilever – demonstrate that AI not only finds many applications in new-product development (NPD), but also offers substantial payoffs, such as a 50% reduction in development times or a 60% increase in the pace of innovation (through-put). Some examples are nothing short of astounding.

This short video provides a good introduction to the topic. Over 40 different unique applications for AI exists in NPD, a bit overwhelming. We provide a map of the landscape to help you understand where AI might best be applied in your business’s NPD efforts. And also a few solid examples of how AI works here.

Be sure to read the full article on this website (same title as video).