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Doing It Right in New-Product Development – Building the Success Drivers into Your Idea-to-Launch System

Cooper outlines the key success drivers his widely-published research has uncovered over the years – those factors that separate winning new products from the losers. Do you know what they are? He outlines the five most important drivers that distinguish highly profitable new products, and then shows how these success drivers are integrated into a ‘playbook’ or ‘game plan’ – a Stage-Gate system for driving new products to market. Cooper also highlights the Innovation Diamond, which portrays the four major themes or drivers that businesses which are successful at new-product development have in place. This entertaining 19 minute video is based on Chapter 1 in the PDMA Handbook by Cooper, a mandatory read for certification from the PDMA (Product Development & Management Association) and a “must watch” for every manager in the field of product or service innovation.

How a Robust Stage-Gate Idea-to-Launch Process Really Works

Most companies claim to have implemented a stage-and-gate or gating process to drive new products to market. Some indeed have, but many companies have got it wrong! If you are not satisfied with the way your idea-to-launch process works, then this 20 minute video is right for you. Cooper, the creator of the Stage-Gate system, explains how the system works – the basis for stage-gate, what the stages are, how the gates work, using the right go/kill criteria at gates, how stage-gate can be extended to other types of initiatives, successfully implementing Stage-Gate, the role of the process manager, and getting senior management on board. He also provides a glimpse into the future – a look beyond Stage-Gate at the new Triple A system. An entertaining and insightful 20 minutes, with lots of solid tips to getting it right.