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Seminars & Workshops

Cooper delivers a number of popular public seminars, which can be customized to suit your corporate needs:

Winning at New Products: Creating Value Through Innovation

Reveals the 10 most important success drivers of product innovation – the keys to success, based on the seminar leader’s well-published research on the topic. Then, how to build these success drivers into your idea-to-launch methodology – the details of how Stage-Gate works. Seminar can be customized to include short sessions on: idea generation, project selection, and managing the fuzzy front-end of development.

New Product Portfolio Management – Making the Right Investment Decisions and Picking the Winners

Focuses on developing an innovation strategy for your business, and then how to use this strategy to pick the right projects for development. Includes topics such as best practices in portfolio management, using Scorecards and the Productivity Index to prioritize projects, and running gates and portfolio reviews properly.

Developing a Winning Product Innovation Strategy for Your Business

Focuses on defining goals and objectives for innovation in your business, and then how to develop an innovation strategy to achieve them. Deals with topics such as: selecting the best strategic arenas to focus your R&D efforts on, designing attack plans, using strategic buckets to best allocate R&D resources, and defining and developing a strategic product roadmap for your business.

Getting Great New Product Ideas: How to Generate Breakthrough Ideas and Pick the Winners

Drills down into the best ways to generate breakthrough ideas. Includes a look at most of the voice-of-customer methods, as well as open innovation techniques. Also how to generate ideas internally – from within your own organization. Finally how to pick the best ideas – making these critical choices early when so little is known about these early-stage projects.